Tomaso's New York Style Cheese Pizza

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This is New York style pizza at its best with its crisp crust, fresh tomato sauce and stringy mozzarella cheese! Its traditional simplicity is delicious as is or a great start for adding your favorite toppings. Molto Buono! - Tomaso

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Tomaso's Spinach Stuffed Pie

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This original stuffed style pizza or Calzone is filled with fresh spinach, mozzeralla and ricotta cheeses and garlic. It’s fabulous served with Tomaso’s Marinara Sauce on the side. Mangia! - Tomaso

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Tomaso's Pizza Dough Ball

Our fresh pizza dough is made the traditional New york city way. With high glutin flour, water yeast, olive oil and salt. We mix it, knead it, and then let it slow rise under refrigeration. This gives our dough it's crisp crust and slightly chewy consistency. Try it with our fresh pizza sauce. Found in the freezer section of your grocery store.

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