About Tomaso's Specialty Foods


In 1989 Tom Pagano, owner of Tomaso's Specialty Foods and Distributing, decided to take his family's everyday pasta sauce, jar it, and distribute it to local markets.

In a small kitchen in Trinidad, California, Tomaso produced two cases of 16 oz. jars per batch and delivered them to local markets. In 1991 Tomaso began to produce his sauce in 25 case batches in local restaurants or catering kitchens.

At this point, Tomaso did everything himself; he ordered the product, made the sauce, jarred and labeled the sauce, and distributed it. Tomaso came out with a second product, Basil Pesto, and made it in one gallon batches.

In 1993 Tomaso' s secured a loan, bought some production equipment, moved into the Foodworks building, and hired its first employee.

In 1994 Tomaso's expanded its product line to four pasta sauces in 25 oz. jars and two types of pesto. In 1998 Tomaso's built their own facility in Blue Lake, CA.

Presently, the company has four full time employees, produces 25 products and distributes many other Humboldt County products to local retailers.

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